Pipes, Pumps and Valves

Pipe and Tubular

Blue Sky Oilfield Supply & Services (BSO) is supplying practically all kinds of Line Pipes that meet specific Oil & Gas project requirements. We also supply complete range of pipes and tubular products…Learn More

Pipe Fittings and Flanges

Blue Sky Oilfield Supply & Services (BSO)  is a regular supplier of Pipe Fittings and Flanges of various specifications, size, grade and materials. Our supplies include standard grade Couplings, Sockets, Nipples, Bushings, Nuts, Caps, Plugs, Socket and Hose fittings, etc…Learn More

OCTG – Casing, Tubing, Drill Pipe

Blue Sky Oilfield Supply & Services (BSO) supply OCTG, oilfield casing, tubing, drill pipes, drill collars, crossovers, HDD rods and associated premium tubular products and other OCTG accessories to the regional Oilfield, Oil & Gas related projects….Learn More

Pumps, Parts and Accessories

Blue Sky Oilfield Supply & Services (BSO) regularly supply a wide range of Pump products and parts (ANSI and ISO) to the Oil & Gas projects, refineries, petrochemical plants and marine application. Centrifugal Pumps, Commercial Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps …Learn More

Hoses and Fluid Handling

 We supply a wide range of Hoses for fluids supply and transfer which are efficient enough to transfer water-base mud/oil-base at high pressure in large volumes Composite Hose, Flexible Metal Hose, Hydraulic Hose, Pneumatic Hose ,Rotary Hose…Learn More

Valves and Actuators

BSO supplies wide range of Valves and actuators related to the Oil & Gas Industries. …Learn More