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Why Us

Partner by Preference

BSO has developed a reputation for producing outcomes that add value on a regular basis. Everywhere we work, we aspire to be trustworthy collaborator, respected for our skills, experience, and willingness to cooperate for success.

Our Mission

The fine art of our mission is to exceed customers’ needs on time with providing them good and competitive environment – Transparent, Easy & Profitable.”

Our Vision

To be recognized as a Company and preferred collaborator in the local or global oil and gas sector for keeping our commitments, pioneering innovative markets and approaches
and adding value to our industry, customers, and society.

Business Ethics

Why is it important

To be a trustworthy organisation, we must stick to a clear and strong set of standards everywhere we work.

What we are trying to achieve

It is an ethical and transparent organization that maintains high expectations within BSO, our supply chain and throughout the sector

Our method

We are working on all aspects of responsible industry, including fraud and corruption, supply chain standards and income disclosure, in accordance with our code of conduct, our principles and our practices.